As Seen in Real Life #5: June Snow

Frost on the roof this morning. Tomorrow at the Corvallis to Portland Row (CPR) the temp is supposed to rise up to 86 (we're not used to that yet!). Yesterday (June 2nd), there was fresh snow on the local hills. I went for a short row and happened to have my camera. It was sunny and raining, great light for a good photographer (not me).

Fickle June weather: will it rain, snow or shine?
A friend cross-country skied nearby in fresh and falling powder. Another friend is supposed to start climbing Mt Shasta today, but I suspect there is significant avalanche danger. Mt Shasta is only 12,000 feet higher than here.

One could be forgiven for thinking the shots below are not from Emigrant Lake, but some Andean peak, particularly when you see llamas...

Andean scene: snow on the left and llamas on the right

Below is a close-up of the llamas. Usually there are cows and horses grazing here. Sometimes all three share the vetch and grass.

Peru or Oregon?

A coyote was checking these two out and I just got my camera out in time to get a quick glimpse (below) as it ran away:

Get along little doggie...

I was testing my CPR set-up. Didn't have it quite down, but you can get an idea of what it looks like here:
Too much junk poorly arranged
Great Blue Herons flew by close to the water and just over my head. A couple of egrets too. Someday I will row with a good camera with the express purpose of shooting photos of what's out on Emigrant Lake.

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